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Project Details

Taking on the fastest growing franchise company in the U.S. is no easy task. Especially when you take over from a “top-rated” global marketing agency.

Founded in 2007 in San Diego, Club Pilates has exploded into a global phenomenon. With over 650 open locations in the US alone, Club Pilates has brought the vision of Joseph Pilates to hundreds of thousands of people with over 8 million workouts each year.

Working with a franchise model like Club Pilates takes a balance of supporting the local owners needs, with maintaining the brand’s standards, especially in a field like Pilates where one wrong move can ruin your reputation within the community. FFM’s years of experience working with franchise companies made us uniquely qualified to understand that if you want to help the brand succeed, you had to ensure the individual locations succeed by providing top-level customer support and results, while working hand-in-hand with the Franchisor. A lot of other agencies focused on just one half of that equation, and ultimately underperformed in the process.

Services Offered

  • Digital Marketing
  • Bespoke Web Design
  • Custom Web Development
  • Landing Pages
  • Graphic Design

Project Results

By providing 5-star customer support, and leveraging the power of a great brand, we were able to support their digital efforts, where others came up short.
Rather than focusing on only appeasing the Corporate team, we led the way in building an agency designed to provide top-notch service to the local owners. Each location we work with receives full-access to all metrics, a dedicated Digital Marketing Specialist along with their own account login to turn on and off campaigns whenever they want.
We recognized early on that in order to increase results, we needed to be able to control the entire lead generation funnel, including where the clicks were being directed to. Club Pilates existing web-platform didn’t allow for quick & easy updates, so we had to think outside of the box and implement our very own CLICKS landing page system. Not only were we able to make adjustments quickly and easily, but we saw a massive increase in lead flow.

Average ROI% for Club Pilates marketing campaigns by FFM: 358.16%


Average Lead to Member Conversion Rate: 18.36% (200% Higher than other vendors)


Landing Page Conversion Rate Increase: 300%


480% ROI

What our clients are saying

Opening a new business involves a lot of moving parts, the most important of which is acquiring new customers and establishing a cash flow. Within 10 minutes of starting our campaign, the leads started coming in and our pre-sale effort took off! The customer support, ease of use and ROI was amazing. We continue to work with them to deliver quality leads through our Grand Opening and beyond. It was the single best decision we have made for our business.

- Byron Elton, Owner, StretchLab LA/Seattle

I’ve been working closely with Michael for the past 6 months and he’s completely turned around our lead generation for Pure Barre St. Augustine! I was so happy with the results we’ve decided to use their services for our 3rd studio, Pure Barre West Chester, and have had great results generating leads in an area that has never had a Pure Barre before. Franchise Focused Marketing is a game changer, Michael always follows my numbers closely, suggests edits, and creates new ads very regularly. Would highly recommend!

- Sarah Celek - Pure Barre Franchisee

I have had a great experience with Franchise Focused Marketing. My Digital Marketing Specialist (Sway) as well as their upper management (Andre) has been very helpful to me and my business. I’m glad to be working with them.

- Cathleen Fagain - Club Pilates Franchisee

The FFM team are pros: always available, and they give us the facts in simple terms even the most novice operator can understand. They actually call me to address any issues before I have to call them.  In short, they manage our entire digital marketing effort without us having to worry about it, and they actually do all of this at a competitive price.  We’ve gone from three studios to six in the last 18 months, and we’ll be adding another dozen locations in coming years.  FFM has been–and will be–instrumental in fueling that growth.

- Jeff Nash, Club Pilates/YogaSix Franchisee, Southern California

We started using Franchise Focused Marketing 3 months ago and it has been worth every dollar. From the quality of leads, to the support we have received. We wouldn’t be able to grow our business without using Franchise Focused Marketing. Thank you to Andre and Eric.

- Germ Tech Sanitizing

I am very happy with the number & quality of the leads. In fact, it’s overwhelming in a positive way!

- Blaire Reichenbach - Pure Barre Owner

You guys are a game changer!

- Sheri McKenzie - Pure Barre Franchisee

I’m exhausted with the number of times I’ve mentioned your company in these past months, but it’s been a pleasure to do so. You all did what I thought no one could do, which is drive quality leads to the locations. It seemed like such a tall order with every agency I worked with until you all came around, but without question it’s been your team’s attentiveness and skill at understanding what’s needed that’s made the difference. So, thank you for all of that.

- Chris Stipp - Pure Barre

Our experience with Franchise Focused Marketing was productive. It was our first experience using a digital agency, and they met our expectations. We briefly tried out a different agency and it was a terrible experience. FFM performs for us and the customer service piece is above and beyond our other experience. Definitely check them out.

- Andrew Gordon - Y6

These guys are awesome. I’ve worked with a lot of digital marketing people and Amanda and the team are fabulous!

- CycleBar Owner

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