Mayweather Boxing + Fitness


Project Details

When you’re called upon to represent The Champ, you better bring your A-Game.

Founded in 2018, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness’ goal was to bring an authentic experience to learn from Floyd Mayweather’s techniques and training.  Starting with one gym in Los Angeles, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness has exploded to include locations all over the US.

As with most of our clients, Franchise Focused Marketing was brought in to take over for another agency that couldn’t quite live up to the 50-0 record of the Champ. When representing a global brand like Floyd Mayweather, there is very little room for error. Our first goal was to make sure everything we did matched the standard and expectations of the brand. Every word we wrote, every image we used was gone through to ensure we didn’t miss the mark. 

Working with Mayweather Boxing + Fitness gave us an opportunity to showcase our own systems, by making sure our client was the only name in the spotlight.


Project Results

  • Avg. Cost/Lead: $4.80
  • Avg. Lead to Member Conversion Rate: 18.2%
  • Avg. Landing Page Conversion Rate: 15%
  • Avg. Leads Per Studio: 2,500

When you're marketing such a well-known brand like Floyd Mayweather, creating awareness isn't the difficult part. After ensuring everything we did matched the brand standards, we next needed to simplify the entire process. We moved all marketing to our CLICKS landing pages, which are designed to perfectly match a brand's look at and feel, while making it extremely easy to sign up. 

After that, by applying the same principles that have made us great at what we do, we worked closely with their new locations to help generate over 35,000 leads and thousands of members for their new gyms.