Row House

Row. Together.

Project Details

Home of the 45-minute total body workout, Row House started with their two original locations in Chelsea and Columbus Circle. After being acquired by Xponentional Fitness, the largest boutique fitness company in the world, it was time to introduce the rest of the country to Row House’s incredible low-impact, high-intensity workout.

Starting with their first location outside of New York, in Orange County, CA, Row House set out to prove the concept could work anywhere. Initially working with a different agency for paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, Row House came to Franchise Focused Marketing looking for better & cheaper results.


Project Results

  • Average Google Ads Cost per Clicks (CPC) dropped by 25%
  • Average Google Ads Cost per Leads (CPL) dropped by 25%
  • Landing page conversion rate increased by 50%
  • Facebook lead count increased by 15%
  • Average NYC CPL dropped 70%
  • NYC location lead flow increased 300%
  • 122 leads generated in 2.5 weeks
  • Presale Avg. CPL $5.44
  • 371% ROI on Presale Campaign

Our task was simple, generate more leads for less money. To accomplish this, we first set out to better understand the territory to be able to more accurately target the advertising.

By doing this, we were able to realize the prior agency had been targeting too large of an area, and so advertising dollars were being wasted on people who would never drive the distance to get to the studio.

After fixing the Orange County campaign, we were brought on to work on the  New York City locations, and have continued to work with new locations as they start to open, providing them with a pipeline of new leads to open with a solid membership count.