Live Long

Project Details

We all know stretching is an important part of exercise. A lack of a proper stretching regiment can cause injuries to even the fittest athletes. But stretching is so much more than that.

StretchLab was born from the idea that stretching was so much more than just a part of one’s fitness routine. Proper stretching relieves stress & increases blood circulation through the body to help everyone from top athletes to desk jockeys live a better life.

Our task was to introduce the world to the benefits of stretching, and make it a part of their every day life.


Project Results

  • 390 Average Monthly Facebook Leads per Location
  • $2.71 Average Facebook Cost per Lead (CPL)
  • Avg. Google Ads CPC as low as $1.03
  • Avg. Google Ads CPL as low as $8.09

StretchLab was already a staple in its hometown of Venice, CA. We needed to export that same excitement and enthusiasm for stretching to whole new areas like New Jersey & Idaho.

Starting with the first new location for the brand, Laguna Niguel, CA, we were able to formulate a digital strategy that not only introduced people to the benefits of stretching, but gave them the opportunity to try if for themselves. After a successful campaign in Southern California, we moved on to apply the same techniques to New Jersey, then to Eagle, ID, Chicago, IL, and back to San Diego, CA.

In each area, by providing creating exciting ads, as well as effective landing pages, we were able to generate excitement, and solid lead counts for the new locations as they start their growth!