Project Details

No one likes working with agencies that depend on long-term contracts to keep clients rather than great campaign performance & customer service.

YogaSix aims to debunk the stereotype that often surrounds the practice of yoga and deliver its life-enhancing benefits to all ages, shapes, sizes and genders. Utilizing modern language and offering six core formats – Y6 101, Y6 Stretch, Y6 Flow, Y6 Hot, Y6 Power and Y6 Sculpt Flow, YogaSix’s classes are meant to encompass every fitness level, whether the focus is on deep stretching, stress relief or breaking a sweat.

YogaSix locations started coming to work with us after using more “high-end” agencies that required long-term contracts and provided little to no customer service. Needed to update an image, pay $150. Miss a scheduled call, pay $250. Want to speak with someone within the first 90 days of a campaign, good luck. Our first goal was to prove not all agencies are the same, and some truly do want to see their clients succeed.


Project Results

  • Avg. Cost Per Lead (CPL): $13.85 (45% LOWER than other agencies)
  • Sample Campaign Performance: 370 Leads in 5 Weeks @ $3.95

We've been able to leverage our years of experience working with locally owned and operated fitness studios to create best practices in our ads. Producing high-quality leads & a reasonable cost per lead was the easy part. 

Our dedicated team of Digital Marketing Specialists worked closely with Y6 owners to create a true partnership. By setting up regularly scheduled calls, real-time access to campaign metrics and not requiring long-term contracts, we were able to help local owner get through the COVID pandemic.